Sound Advice on Corporate Governance from a Columbia—Based Attorney

Strategies to improve company culture, regulatory compliance and market standing

Montgomery Willard, LLC helps publicly held corporations in Columbia and throughout South Carolina to improve their standards and procedures of corporate governance. A business attorney with a minimum of 20 years of experience works directly with you to tailor a corporate governance plan that addresses the specific needs of your company. Our attorneys assist in vetting disclosures to ensure compliance with securities regulations and provide cost-effective representation in regulatory hearings and civil actions related to corporate governance.

Improving market performance

Montgomery Willard helps South Carolina and national companies adopt structural changes and procedural efficiencies that make them more attractive to investors and protect them against exposure to SEC penalties that include fines and imprisonment. Our business litigation lawyers help your company improve numerous aspect of its corporate governance, including:

  • Accounting — Ensuring enhanced accuracy and transparency to enable proper valuation
  • Board composition and terms — Strategies for recruiting outside directors with the right balance of specialized knowledge and independence.
  • Chain of command — Flattening corporate structures and improving communication and accountability
  • Disclosure — Setting rates and quality of disclosures and reconciling the tension between security for proprietary information and compliance with transparency requirements
  • Executive compensation — Strategies for minimizing the risks inherent in stock options by employing alternate contingent-pay mechanisms, share repurchases and dividend payments to attract and retain top talent
  • Risk management — Installing internal checks and balances to ensure a responsible allocation of resources
  • Standards and discipline — Improved clarity in the expression and enforcement of the firm values to increase operational efficiency and to ensure compliance with policies, laws and regulations throughout the managerial structure
  • “Say on pay” — Modalities for improving shareholder participation in decisions on executive compensation and other crucial matters

Vigorous defense to allegations of noncompliance with corporate governance regulations

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Securities and Exchange Commission rules and the Dodd-Frank Act provide stringent penalties for corporate mismanagement. Companies face fines, and responsible officers face incarceration. Violations also expose a company and its officers to civil liability. Montgomery Willard defends businesses and individuals in agency hearings and shareholder lawsuits. We have an excellent success rate at the administrative level, at trial and on appeal.

Columbia, SC corporate governance attorneys enhance your company’s market value

Montgomery Willard has solutions for publicly held corporations looking to improve their corporate governance. To speak with an experienced attorney, call 803-470-0722 or contact our Columbia office online.