Experienced Columbia-Based Health Insurance Claims Attorneys

Guarding against uncertainty and defending insurance providers from fraud

Since passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, confusion has reigned over the health insurance industry as companies struggle to address uncompensated, mandated expenditures. In this turbulent environment for the insurance business, one thing is certain:  You cannot afford losses from fraudulent health insurance claims. Montgomery Willard, LLC guards your bottom line with reliable, cost-effective litigation services, personally tailored to your company’s precise needs. As you labor to make sense of the changing landscape, our capable attorneys ensure you have the best representation of your interests, founded on ethical principles and a thorough knowledge of current law.

Attorneys tackle fraudulent insurance claims

Our Columbia insurance defense attorneys have vast experience scrutinizing claims, discerning suspicious patterns and taking decisive action to recover substantial funds for defrauded insurers. To forewarn clients in our own market, we strive to stay ahead of the curve with regards to national and regional trends in fraud activities through meticulous research.

Defending denials of claims from our Columbia office

Often, health insurers are themselves the targets of fraud investigations. Denied claimants retain attorneys who frequently go beyond the merits of a particular case to charge systemic fraud by the insurer. Montgomery Willard defends denials of claims by thoroughly examining medical records, contrasting treatments with accepted standards of medical care and digging deep to expose patterns of injury exaggeration and claim inflation. We also provide vigorous defense to allegations of fraud, including med pay schemes and excessive billing for out-of-network medical services. Insurance companies can rely on our litigation attorneys to employ up-to-date knowledge of court decisions and legal criticism to form the most persuasive arguments in support of their cases.

Contact our South Carolina attorneys for claim defense

Montgomery Willard delivers comprehensive and effective litigation services. Our skilled trial lawyers root out fraud and defend claim denials to ensure your company can prosper, even in this turbulent time for health insurance providers. Call us today at 803-470-0722 or contact us online.