Probate generally means the proceedings involved in the administration of the estate of an individual who has passed away.  It includes the transfer of legal title of property from the estate of the person who has died to his or her proper beneficiaries.  An estate is comprised of any real and personal property owned by an individual at the time of his/her death, including any partial ownership interests.  In addition, the probate process also provides a legal process for the deceased individual’s creditors to make claims against the estate, payment of properly proven debts and discharge of debts not properly filed or proven.  The administration of an estate usually lasts between eight and twelve months, but can resolve sooner or last longer, depending upon the complexities of each specific estate.


Montgomery Willard will advise and guide you through the probate process, preparing all necessary documentation and filing it with the Probate Court, assisting you in marshaling the deceased’s assets, processing creditor claims, transferring the deceased’s assets to his/her beneficiaries and, ultimately, closing the estate.