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Quality representation for professionals and property owners in civil lawsuits in Columbia and throughout the state

Montgomery Willard, LLC protects professionals and business enterprises from liability claims that could tarnish their reputations and put them out of business. Our lawyers draw on more than 70 years of combined experience to defend small to large businesses and highly skilled professionals. Our dedicated, personalized representation assures a robust, detailed defense that guards against wrongly assigned blame and excessive damage awards. Our firm has enjoyed success with negotiated settlements, at trial, at administrative hearings, on appeal, and through the use of cost-effective alternative resolution procedures such as arbitration and mediation.

A skilled professional must perform to the standards established by statute, common law and the rules of licensing boards and professional associations. At Montgomery Willard, a business litigation attorney with more than 20 years of experience meets with you directly and manages your case from start to finish. We work with:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Brokers and dealers
    • Engineers
    • Executives
    • Officers
    • Real estate professionals

Montgomery Willard works diligently to reach a swift, cost-effective and favorable resolution to your liability case.

Effective Columbia general and premises liability attorneys protect businesses

Premises liability is an umbrella term related to the duty a property owner or business proprietor owes to the invited public. General liability pertains to the responsibility an individual citizen has to act with reasonable care. Our litigation law firm defends against a variety of liability allegations, including:

  • Abuse of process — Allegations that a party has used the legal process, or made an appearance of using the legal process, simply to harass another individual
  • Dram shop” liability — Cases asserting negligence when serving alcohol in a restaurant or tavern, such as serving an obviously intoxicated person who later causes a DUI accident
  • False imprisonment — Charges that a party refused to allow another to lawfully exit a premises, such as store security detaining a customer suspected of shoplifting
  • Libel and slander — Statements that the originator or publisher knew, or should have known, were false, but wrote, stated or published maliciously to damage the reputation of another
  • Malicious prosecution — Pressing criminal charges or bringing a civil lawsuit where there is no merit to the case, simply to annoy, harass or embarrass another
  • Slip and fall — Allegation that a property owner neglected to discover and correct a hazardous condition on the premises that led to the injury of another
  • Third- party criminal assault — An accusation that a property owner’s negligence in maintaining a premises facilitated a criminal assault against another person. Examples include inadequately lighted parking garages and apartment buildings with substandard security.

A liability lawsuit is a serious matter with potentially far-reaching consequences. Montgomery Willard takes decisive action to protect your good name, your personal finances and your right to own and operate your business.

Attorneys defend premises, professionals, businesses and individuals

Montgomery Willard provides quality, cost-effective legal representation on a personal basis. To speak with an experienced attorney, call 803-470-0722 or contact our Columbia office online.