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Whether you represent a publicly-traded corporation or a small, membership body, it’s essential to manage your shareholder or member relationships effectively. Lapses in communication, murky procedures and apparent rule by executive fiat can lead to a member insurrection that disrupts your day-to-day operations. Montgomery Willard, LLC has the knowledge and experience to head-off shareholder discontent before it erupts into chaos. We provide cogent recommendations based on more than 70 years of combined business law experience to help you improve your relationships with your stakeholders. A partner attorney meets directly with you to learn as much as possible about your business, protocols and practices, before tailoring a decisive plan to meet your most pressing needs. In situations that have already reached a crisis, our skilled litigators are prepared to defend against shareholder lawsuits. Though we’ve enjoyed great success at trial and on appeal, we’re always mindful of our clients’ need to reach a cost-effective solution, which may involve traditional negotiation, arbitration or mediation.

Business litigation for shareholder derivative lawsuits

Montgomery Willard has experience in complex corporate litigation, including the defense of class actions. We also advise CEOs and boards of directors on mending shareholder relations, as part of their overall corporate governance, by making targeted improvements such as:

  • Accurate accounting — All stakeholders must have a clear picture of the entity’s financial situation
  • Appropriate disclosures — While management must protect proprietary information and confidential communications, it must also observe all regulations that require specific, timely disclosures
  • Transparent processes — Management should conduct as much business in the open as possible and always in accordance with its own bylaws
  • Direct communication — Management must speak to membership regularly and promptly when special circumstances arise
  • Consistent messaging — Board policy must be understood and communicated accurately at all levels of management.
  • Stakeholder participation — Though “pure democracy” is not an efficient business model, management must remain mindful that they work for the stakeholders, whom they should invite to participate in a meaningful way at regular intervals

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