Federal, state and local governments have public procurement laws that set out the rules and processes to be followed for all forms of acquisition of goods or services by the government from the private sector.

The State of South Carolina has a two-tiered procurement system for state agencies.    All procurements for goods and services above an agency’s authorized amount and State Term Contracts are procured under the authority of the Division of Procurement Services, which serves all state agencies covered by the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.  Some Agencies have direct authority to make purchases below a published dollar threshold.  Political subdivisions, such as counties, municipalities, school districts, and public service districts, procure under their procurement codes similar to the Consolidated Procurement Code.  Their codes are promulgated, through ordinance or board policy, as required by and in compliance with applicable state law.

Montgomery Willard advises clients doing business at the state and local level on a broad range of procurement-related issues, including:

  • Ethics and procurement integrity rules
  • Responding to government solicitations, such as requests for proposals and invitations for bids
  • Negotiation and counseling on contract terms and conditions
  • Small and minority business programs
  • Filing and defending against bid protests
  • Pursuing and defending against public records act (FOIA) requests
  • Contract claim litigation and dispute resolution
  • State preference laws for local contractors
  • Debarment proceedings

Montgomery Willard services a wide range of industries, including manufacturers, distributors, construction firms, staff enhancement firms, technology companies, government agencies, investment firms, high technology firms, manufacturers, service contractors, construction contractors, and small and disadvantaged businesses, telecommunications providers, and social service providers.