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Columbia-based attorneys offer reliable analysis and management of policy issues

Insurers that provide umbrella coverage typically write liability insurance policies for $1 million to $10 million. Given the litigious nature of today’s society, the absence of meaningful tort reform in most jurisdictions and the ever-escalating costs of medical treatment for personal injuries, those policies are not without significant risk. When your insured faces potentially crushing liability that could exceed the coverage on his or her primary insurance policy, you want a quality defense to limit any losses. Montgomery Willard, LLC in Columbia, SC provides capable litigation services as well as knowledgeable counsel on strategies for limiting exposure. With more than 70 years of combined insurance representation, our attorneys can assist insurers and reinsurers in and around Columbia, SC with:

  • Quality representation — Combining talent, learning, experience and ethics to provide sound legal advice and consistently favorable results
  • Cost efficiency — Delivering value through the focused use of human resources and cutting-edge legal support technology
  • Personalized service — Tailoring our legal services to meet your needs, under the direct management of a partner attorney with at least 20 years of litigation experience

Aggressive advocacy for clients’ best interests

Montgomery Willard has earned an enviable reputation for advocacy in state and federal courts on all levels as well as in proceedings before state and federal regulatory agencies. Our attorneys have tried high-profile cases and won appeals that set new precedent in South Carolina. With millions of dollars at stake in your umbrella coverage case, you can trust our insurance litigation attorneys to present your best defense, based on a thorough examination of the facts and a rigorous application of current statutory and case law.

Cogent advice on drafting contractual terms for umbrella policies

Vague and ambiguous language in insurance policies invites the court to interpret the terms of coverage in whatever manner it wants, often to the detriment of the insurer. Montgomery Willard counsels insurers on contractual language, including precise limits and exclusions that clearly convey the company’s intent to extend or deny coverage under particular circumstances. Since umbrella policies often provide coverage beyond the scope of traditional liability policies, insurers need up-to-date advice on trends in the court and legal criticism in these areas. For example, some areas that umbrella policies cover, which general liability policies typically exclude, are:

  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Invasion of privacy

Our age of provocative social network posting has brought new scrutiny to these areas of the law. Insurers can rely on Montgomery Willard to give informed, up-to-the-moment advice on these and all areas of the law that must evolve quickly to keep pace with technology.

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